Randal has over 20 years experience in the design of multi-residential, residential and rural landscapes.

With a love of all things design, a passion for creativity and broad knowledge of materials and plant species we specialise in creating outdoors spaces tailored to the individual and atmosphere of the existing space.

Fee Proposal

Stage One

We begin with an initial site visit to 'say hello' and develop an understanding of the scope of works, appreciation of the site, client needs and direction for the project.

After the site visit we will prepare a Fee Proposal within a week of the initial site visit.


Stage Two

During the preliminary design stage we develop a schematic design and visualisations to present design moves, spatial qualities, structural elements, key areas, materials and primary plantings.

On approval of the schematic design, the design is refined and developed to produce a landscape plan for construction including plant schedules, details and specifications.

If requested, we will provide a projected costing estimate for construction to help with budgeting and design decisions.

Project Management

Stage Three

The optional third stage is contract administration and project management during the construction of the project.

This stage evaluates construction price submissions and completes subsequent site inspections during construction to ensure the design is implemented as per the design intent.